Building an effective sales team- Road to success

Building an effective sales team- Road to success: Building an effective sales team is the foundation to achieving your sales goal, the right candidate

Building an effective sales team- Road to success: Building an effective sales team is the foundation to achieving your sales goal, the right candidate in place, with the right attitude to work, the right and timely coaching and training are all bedrock to your success.

  1. Effective job description:

There is a world of difference between a worker who correctly marched their organization, and the one who is not. The success of a sales team starts with recruiting the right and qualified sales person. to build an effective sales team an organisation/sales leaders must start with hiring the right candidate. organization should first and foremost prepare a suitable job description for the post they want to hire, know exactly what you want to achieve, your job description must be structured to suit what you want to achieve, be it CRM, new business, business development, product/industry knowledge etc. state all the criteria before handing over to the hiring team.

  1. Go for experienced staff in same industry:

This can happen if you are running out of time and wants to set the ball rolling immediately, part of your recruiting criteria for the job at the initial stage should state that “a two-year working experience in the industry will be an added advantage “. the staff understands the business, knows the challenges, know where to find the customers, this makes a sales leader or the organization job of recruitment lot easier and targets are achieved faster. staff that already has product knowledge can be hired also, the staff already has idea of the products and understand how it works. Hiring a systems engineer with sales experience to help push some CCTV cameras would be a good step since the engineer will understand the features and usage, it would be easier for him to sell.

  1. Build your sales team capability:

Companies tend to invest in capabilities without thinking through which are likely to have the most impact or are most important to beat competition, identify the most capability gap to close. Build sales capability on negotiation skill, presentation, profit and loss, forecasting and presentation. Train and coach your team, it could be on the job training or an added skill.

  1. Align with business target:

Ensure you have a structure to give your sales team a forward view or an in-depth explanation of what the corporate goal and business target is, also strategies and tactics to accomplish this goal across the whole business.

  1. Activity over result:

Do not forget the 99% rule, once your team get started ensure they concentrate on building a solid and reliable pipelines, see my article on, develop an individual score card for your team, know their target vs achievement, their cold calls, phone calls, wins, loss. Evaluate and analyze all their activities.

  1. Department meeting:

Sales people do have their own challenges, this challenges could impact negatively on their performance. Having a constructive sales meeting could help in discussing some of this sales issues and also reaching a resolution. In the meeting, display individual sales performance as stated above, communicate the gaps to your team, this is important because when your team knows they are being monitored that would keep them on their feet and be more focused in discharging their duties.

  1. Right attitude:

Most employees would prefer to hire staff that has the right attitude to work rather than hiring skilled staff, some young people do not have the skill to perform a particular job, but the enthusiasm they exhibit could worth giving them the job. A right attitude is ready to be trained and coached, but a skilled staff with a wrong attitude would never learn anything and will end up creating problem to the entire team. A right mind set could be what you need in the sales department to drive your sales. “Attitude is everything”.

  1. Celebrate success:

Celebrate success, read my article on…ough-tough-times/ : Share good news, appreciate your team when there is an achievement, publish their achievement in the company newsletter, or announce it in your annual general meeting, this would be a very strong motivator for your sales team.

  1. Have a base pay:

Apart from a commission scheme for the sales team, it is important to have a base salary, sales people often times act as though they are not interested in the money, but it is a very important aspect of remuneration for them, they need the money to leave comfortably so they can concentrate on their job, let there be a commission scheme also to encourage your team,  set aside incentives for any staff that exceeds target.

Prepare and equip your team right on time and hit the ground running, remember, its all about selling !


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