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Not a good season for Arsenal

This season is surely a tough season for Arsenal. apart from losing their major matches, arsenal has been further brought down after the qualifying of Leicester City into the champion league quarter final. This is a something the arsenal team has been trying to achieve in the last seven years. Arsenal fans are not happy about this.Leicester city rejoicing...

Somali pirates at it again

A particular freight ship has been reportedly hijacked off the coast of somali. Investigation is still on to ascertain if the hijack was actually done by the somalia pirated, although it was reported that some numbers of pirates left the city before the hijack. This is the first time a hijack was heard of since 2014.  

Rift deepens in Dutch

An updated news gathered that, Turkey plans to get-back at dutch for not allowing the Turkish  minister to run his campaign, as a way of getting back at the dutch, Turkey plans the dutch ambassador might be barred from returning to Ankara, high level talks has also been suspended. Campaign in Austria, Netherlande, and Switzerland has been blocked.

PMB spent only 3 hours in office on first resumption day

PMB formally resumed work on monday 13th March 2017 in Abuja, but spent just  three hours in the office as he resumed work at the Aso Rock Presidential Villa. PMB also notified the National Assembly of his resumption. Obviously, major operations will still be carried out by the VP.

Micheal Browns killing in 2014- Sparks new protest

A new video has been disclosed, showing another version of the story of how the 18 year old, micheal Brown was killed in 2014. The video shows the 18 year Micheal Brown did rob the shop as claimed by the police, he instead exchanged a marijuana for cigars. The 18 year old was shot by a police in 2014, this new...

‘Rephrased’ -Wiretapped allegation by US president

Earlier this month, the president of the united states of America accused his predecessor, Barack Obama of wiretapping his phone. This morning, the white house has come to say that the president did not mean to accuse his predecessor, that what he meant to say was "Surveillance and other activities" when he made the allegation earlier this month.

New winter storm sweeps-in, North-East America

The US weather service has sent signal and warnings to residents of New Jersey and environs as snow storm invade this part of US. The new Jersey gorvernor has also declared a state of emergency. Schools, offices has been short down and more than 6,500 flights suspended.

US Servicemen nude photo scandal

Top US marine military officer has vowed to hold perpetrators accountable for sharing nude pictures of their colleagues. it was reported early this month that the US marine servicemen have been engaged in a disgraceful and embarrassing act, they have been posting nude pictures of their fellow colleagues on social media. Investigation is still on to bring offenders to book.

Iraqi forces killed ISIS commander in Mosul

Iraqi forces said the commander of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has been killed in Mosul's Old City.   Abu Abdul Rahman al-Ansary, died following serious attack by the Iraqi forces. this came as a blow to the ISIS group and left them demoralized and discouraged.

Pentagon receives more power to carry out counterterror

President Donald Trump has granted the Pentagon additional freedom and power to carry out counter terror in Yemen, and the White House is talking to the Pentagon to carry out same counter terror in Libya and Somalia.  

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